We are a three voice unaccompanied harmony group singing traditional and contemporary folk songs, some music hall material, with some Early Music and humorous songs for good measure. Many of our songs encourage (even require) audience participation and we hope they get as much enjoyment out of it as we do. Barbara and Gareth Wyatt, and Des Patalong come from Warwickshire and Coventry and we are well known on the local folk scene having been in various line-ups in the past. Des is also a member of "Sharp as Razors" - a shanty crew - and has recorded a solo CD.

We have appeared at festivals throughout the country and locally at Alcester, Banbury, Bedworth and Warwick Folk Festivals. We've also appeared at many of the local folk clubs and clubs further away, and at charity events. We appeared at Cecil Sharp House at a Folk 21 event, and completed a project with Julie Boden to set some of her poetry to traditional melodies. 

During 2018 we were approached by Dr. Alison Morgan who has published a book about the Broadsides and Ballads of the Peterloo Massacre. The two hundreth anniversary of this event will be in August 2019. She had wanted some of the pieces she had researched to be set to the melodies suggested at the period for her publicity material. Since then we have participated in a history event in Warwick and have an invitation to appear at a history conference at Nottingham University in July this year (2019). As a result we have put together eight pieces in the form of an extended EP.

Information about our CDs and the "Peterloo Broadside Ballads" EP can be found on the following pages. We post to our facebook page for any events we may be appearing at, but already during 2019 we have bookings for festivals and folk clubs as well as the invitation above.