The Peterloo Broadside Ballads are a corrective to the reporting of the establishment media at the time of the events of St. Peter's Field.

The Peterloo Broadside Ballads came our way as a result of a collaboration with Dr. Alison Morgan of Warwick University. She had been researching these for an academic book that was about to be published and was anxious to hear them brought to life in the manner that they may have been sung when they were published.

As a result of this collaboration we now have an EP/CD of recordings of eight of the pieces. These were sung to suggested melodies of popular tunes of the time and, apart from two, these are how they are performed.

It's particularly appropriate that these are available in the coming months as we come to the 200th anniversary of what has become known as the "Peterloo Massacre". These pieces are the voices of people who witnessed the mowing down of a peaceful protest on the pretence put about by the press at the time that the militia had been putting down a riotous assembly.

The EP is available from the band and also through Fish Records at


These EPs will be available when we are performing at clubs or festivals for £5 direct from the group.